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TEDxColumbus Review and Videos

How good was my first TED talk and the second TEDxColumbus ? It was a few weeks ago and I’m still thinking about some of the topics, that good. There was a lot of ground covered, too much for me to care about reviewing all of it so instead I’m simply going to mention a few speakers and let you infer that they were the best, or at least my favorites. Videos will be posted at the bottom.

Top Speakers:
Michael Wilkos Michael Wilkos – the most interesting speaker, imo.
David Staley David Staley – the most inspiration speaker, imo.
Matt Slaybaugh Matt Slaybaugh – covered the widest variety of topics. This is probably the best video to watch out of context.

Honorable Mentions:
Phil Cogley – aka Saturday Giant
Meagan Jones




TEDxColumbus - October 22 noon-6pm

I just learned that TED will be hosting an event in here Columbus on October 22.  For those who don’t know what TED is, check out  To summarize, TED hosts talks about technology, innovations and ideas.  Thats pretty much it but the talks are nothing short of ‘Grammys for Geeks’ and always have a very prestigious guest list.  Even tickets for the TEDxColumbus show require an application, after which an invitation will be extended, if you are approved.  Obviously I submitted my applicaton moments after learning about the event and I even volunteered to help organize the event, Columbus needs it [and it will be fun]!  The application asked about my favorite TED talk [SixthSense by Pranav Mistry] which brought back the memory of watching the video and the chills that followed.  I was truly inspired by the video and I think you might be too.  Check it out below.

I’ll update once I hear back about my attendee and/or volunteer application.  Enjoy the video!

Update: My application was accepted!  I’ll be at CCAD on 10/22/10 for TEDxColumbus, hope to see some familiar faces!