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TEDxColumbus Review and Videos

How good was my first TED talk and the second TEDxColumbus ? It was a few weeks ago and I’m still thinking about some of the topics, that good. There was a lot of ground covered, too much for me to care about reviewing all of it so instead I’m simply going to mention a few speakers and let you infer that they were the best, or at least my favorites. Videos will be posted at the bottom.

Top Speakers:
Michael Wilkos Michael Wilkos – the most interesting speaker, imo.
David Staley David Staley – the most inspiration speaker, imo.
Matt Slaybaugh Matt Slaybaugh – covered the widest variety of topics. This is probably the best video to watch out of context.

Honorable Mentions:
Phil Cogley – aka Saturday Giant
Meagan Jones